Due to recent events with the COVID-19 virus and for the safety of our community and our members the Manassas Volunteer Fire Company has decided to suspend all Bingo games until further notice. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. To discuss questions and concerns, please contact;


Bingo Packages

Rookie $16

Firefighter $32

Firefighter $32


1 Book (6 faces)

1 Early Bird (3 faces)

1 each Quickie (1 face)

1 Jackpot (6 faces)

Firefighter $32

Firefighter $32

Firefighter $32


2 Books (6 faces)

2 Early Bird (3 faces)

2 each Quickie (1 face)

2 Jackpot (6 faces)

Chief $40

Firefighter $32

Chief $40


1 Book (18 faces)

1 Early Bird (3 faces)

2 each Quickie (1 face)

3 Jackpot (6 faces)


BINGO is every Saturday, doors open at 4:00pm games start at 6:30pm

 1. Courtesy will be shown to other Bingo players and the Volunteer workers: 

· DO NOT harass the caller or the Volunteers working the kitchen and/or the floor.  

· Harassment will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave if it continues.  

· Profanity directed at the volunteers will result in you being immediately asked to leave by Management. 

· No alcoholic beverages are allowed. 

· No use of tobacco products is permitted (this includes vaping). 

· We reserve the right to refuse participation to anyone. 

· Cell phones and electronic devices must be turned off or silenced. 

· Limit the volume of conversations.  

2. The thermostat is set to 72 degrees, dress accordingly 

3. Persons 8 to 18 years of age may play Bingo only if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. No person under the age of 18 can play instant Bingo, including buying, opening or redeeming them. Under Virginia gaming laws, Instant Bingo pull tabs are strictly forbidden to minors. This constitutes sales to or playing of the instant game.  

4. Any person playing Bingo and/or instant pull tabs MUST have an admission ticket completely filled out. This includes: Name, Address, and Zip code. Winners will not be paid without an admission ticket and it must be filled out properly ad legible.  

5. Seating may not be saved before 3:30pm and may only be saved until 5:30pm. An individual may save a maximum of four seats at their table including their own.  

6. Before leaving the cashier, please make sure that you have the correct number of packs, your admission ticket, and the correct change. No adjustments wil be made after you have left the cashier.  

7. A Bingo is not valid until the number and the letter are both called. If a bingo is called while the ball is in the monitor that single card will be voided. 

8. Monitors and flashboards are here for you convenience. They are not official. 9. The ball takes precedence over the caller.  

10. If you have a Bingo, yell loudly to get the callers attention. If the caller does not hear you, the next number will be called. Once the caller starts the next number/letter in anyway, you cannot call Bingo on the previous number.  

11. Ink daubers must be used to mark your cards. Absolutely no Bingo will be accepted showing pencil or pen with the exception of the lucky 7 game. 12. Game sheets are only valid if the serial number is readable.  

13. The ball timer is set for each game and will not be changed. Please buy your cards accordingly.  

14. A regular Bingo is five (5) in a row (Horizontal, Diagonal, and Vertical). Four outside corners or a postage stamp except for special games.  

15. It is the player’s responsibility to play the appropriate color boarder paper for each game. No extra or exchange of papers will be made.  

16. Players may not play more packs tan the number specified on the admission ticket. 

17. Bingo workers may not play Bingo games for a player. 

18. No gambling or side bets allowed during the Bingo game.  

19. Please place all of your trash in the trash can upon leaving for the night


Bingo Kitchen

The kitchen is open from 4:00 pm until the end of the second break

Contact Us

Manassas Volunteer Fire Company

9322 Centreville Rd, Manassas, Virginia 20110, United States

(703) 368-6211